Boston’s Exciting Day Life

Boston is one of my favorite cities in the whole world. The bars and restaurants are top-notch and the shopping is fantastic. I went to college in Boston, so for me the life in Boston is the nightlife. So when I went with my kids a few weeks ago to visit my alma mater, I wasn’t quite sure where to take them. Did a little research and WOW — we ended up having a great time doing all the things Boston offers to its daytime travelers. We’re all animal people, so the Franklin Park Zoo and the New England Aquarium were sure stops for us. (I didn’t know at the time that 3 weeks later we’d be in San Diego for another business trip….but no one seemed to mind visiting so many animals in such a short time.)

Franklin Park is the historic home of the Franklin Park Zoo, a huge 72 acre expanse which you would never guess existed in the urban Boston area. Katie and Alison were so cute squealing with laughter when one of the Masai giraffes in the Kalahari Kingdom came nose to nose (well almost) with us in the observation area.

The New England Aquarium’s greatest perk perhaps was that it was SO easy to get to! It’s just off the T—you can either take the Blue Line, or just get off at Government Center and walk, which is what we did because it was absolutely gorgeous outside! We bought the ticket combo to the Aquarium and the IMAX Theater and spent all day with the penguins (so cute!), sharks, and dolphins. The IMAX show we saw was Sea Monsters 3D, which I found to be a little scary at times, but the kids found absolutely mesmerizing—they’re still talking about what it feels like to be underwater surrounded by monsters.

We took a lovely day trip to the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area, where we island hopped and learned about early American history. We could not have been luckier with the weather, which was hot, but not the usual Boston humid, and we took advantage of it by splashing each other during our hikes, and jumping in for a swim at Lovells Island.

I definitely remember Natick Mall from my college days and couldn’t come up to Boston without hitting one of Boston’s greatest shopping havens—though really it’s in Natick, not Boston, but close enough!

We spent the rest of our New England trip in Nantucket where my husband’s cousins live, and pretty much hung out at Surfside Beach for three days straight, sailing, swimming, and lounging in the sun. And Rick’s conference was over by then, so even he was relaxed!

Looks like Boston’s family-friendly after all!


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