Maybe a word about where we actually live…

…“Back to the grind” of our everyday life is not nearly as depressing as it sounds. We travel a lot, but we also happen to have a house and a hometown and a bit of stability believe it or not! We live in Bethesda, Maryland, but we used to live in Annapolis until recently when Rick’s job required him to be in the D.C. office everyday rather than once a week. I found this blog a few weeks ago and for some reason I feel the need now to share the wealth, so to speak of my knowledge of my traveled regions, near and far.

If you’ve been to Bethesda, you’ve been to Westfield Montgomery, a cozy neighborhood mall with everything we need. But when we really want to go all out for some serious shopping, I take the girls to Arundel Mills Mall in Hanover or to Potomac Mills Outlet Mall in Prince William, Virginia which is not too far a drive.

I bring the girls to Baltimore three times a week for a homeschool “team meeting” and then, either with the group, or alone, we go to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. We’ve got a family membership, so sometimes we go in just for brief visits or to participate in whatever programs they may have going on. I don’t know if you’ve read my other posts, but my girls are a little obsessed with zoos—we’re really been to zoos all over the country and they don’t ever tire of it. The National Aquarium in Baltimore also offers great programs throughout the year and is often one of our destinations during our Baltimore trips.


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