Top Ten Children’s Museums

I was so happy to find Port Discovery on 10 Best Children’s Museums. I brought the girls there a few days ago and was really impressed. There is a exhibit on water going on now called the Wonders of Water that fit in perfectly with the science unit we were working on and even though it was geared toward children younger than the girls, they were very proud (as was I!) going around to each part of the exhibit saying “we know this” and “we learnt that” over and over again. 🙂

Since we do so much traveling, I figure it would be good to hold onto this list in case we’re in any of these cities before the girls outgrow children’s museums. Thought I’d share it with the group —

  1. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
  2. The Children’s Museum of Houston
  3. The Children’s Museum, Boston
  4. (tie) Port Discovery, Baltimore
  5. (tie) Discovery Center, Rockford, IL
  6. Brooklyn Children’s Museum – We’ve actually been to this one and love it!
  7. Strong Museum, Rochester, NY – And we’ve been here, though honestly, I don’t really remember much about it.
  8. Minnesota Children’s Museum, St. Paul
  9. Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose
  10. Madison Children’s Museum, WI

Does anyone recommend otherwise ?


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