Top Ten Spring Break Activities (according to my third graders)

Every year after Spring Break I have my kids write a “What I did over vacation” journal entry. Then we all share our vacation stories and then make a list of the coolest sounding places. Every year, with different kids from different families, the vacations end up being almost the same. Kids will be kids—Disney World will always be first.

  1. Disney World – Magic Kingdom – I think 5 or 6 kids went to Disney World this year.
  2. Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  3. Discovery Cove
  4. Butterfly World
  5. Sea World – the one near Disney World, of course.
  6. Dolphin Quest – Somehow this always makes it to the list.
  7. Fire Island National Seashore Beach – Not everyone gets to go to Hawaii for vacation…
  8. Los Angeles
  9. Colonial Williamsburg
  10. Six Flags Marine World

When I was a kid we went to “Spring Break Camp” (i.e. daycare) while our parents worked normal 9-5 jobs. There was no such thing as telecommuting or turning a vacation into a business trip (or it was rare). But when we DID go on vacation, once a year or so, it was really a family vacation—no urgent cell phone calls during dinner, no skipping out of fun activities for conferences, and constant email checking. No ipods plugged into ears during car trips. We also didn’t bring a nanny with us wherever we went (or have a nanny at all). We also never went to Hawaii as kids or to Disney World three times by the time I was nine, like these kids do. It’s a trade off, like everything else…


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