Top Ten National Parks for Kids

The girls and I came across a page for kids on the National Park Service website. They spent hours exploring the Web Rangers activities, so we got to talking about national parks in general and different geographic and geologic features. We came across this list of kid-friendly national parks and we used it as a jumping off point to discuss U.S. national parks and earth science, geology and geography, and it ended up being quite a nice unit. The great thing about using these national parks as learning models is that each one really highlights a unique feature, whether it be glaciers, volcanoes, canyons, caverns, mountains, plateaus, or mesas. We looked at breathtaking pictures of these famous spots and gave examples of mountains or canyons, etc., that we’d all been to (for example, we’ve been to Yosemite National Park and Grand Canyon National Park).

Anyways, here’s the list of the Top 10 National Parks:

  1. Glacier National Park, Montana
  2. Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico
  3. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
  4. Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park, California
  5. Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii
  6. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
  7. Everglades National Park, Florida
  8. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
  9. Olympic National Park, Washington
  10. Mesa Verde, Colorado

Meanwhile, msnbc has a nice article on the subject of crowd-free national parks, and includes three of the above into that category, Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and the Grand Canyon – North Rim.

(Other crowd-free pleasers include Arches National Park, Badlands National Park, Big Bend National Park, Biscayne National Park, Cape Breton Highlands, Congaree National Park, and Gwaii Haanas. These, plus the above three equal 10, so there’s another great list for you!)…


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