Atlanta is fun!

Just a quick update on our going abouts in our new hometown. We’re really starting to love Atlanta. The Hammond family has been busy and the kids have each found new activities, new friends, and new places in Atlanta that they love. (Do I smell success??)

Our most recent trip was to Coca Cola World and I don’t believe that we’ve been here already for a few months and that wasn’t the first thing we did. I am not a coke drinker and rarely allow it into the house, however, this was a special treat and it really blew us away. The exhibits are fascinating and the kids came out of there on suuuuuch a sugar high…wow! But it was fun—worth the calories!

I’m a big Jim Henson fan and I literally had tears in my eyes at the Henson exhibits at the Center for Puppetry Arts. What a magical place! The kids loved it too, though thought it was strange that I was getting all dopey on them with nostalgia.

I don’t think that SciTrek, the Science and Technology Museum of Atlanta, was created for kids specifically, but it is definitely a great place to bring kids of all ages. Each of my kids (12, 9, and 4) found something that interested them. Alex was great and took Justin around with her for a little bit so I could spend some extra time with Julia (the 9) who’s going through a surprising science phase. All in all, another great day.

My special treat—I went out with some new work friends to the Atlanta Brewing Company for a free tour and tasting. It had been a long time since I’d “been out” so there was a hint of awkwardness—but nothing that a beer or two couldn’t cure!

So things are good. Now we’re all just looking forward to our family trip to San Francisco. The kids have a few weeks of camp and then we’re off!

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