Asthma Capitals of the U.S.

My 4 year old son has mild asthma and I was looking something up on WebMD when I came across this article about the worst asthma cities in the country. The article takes into account various different factors, including asthma prevalence, poverty levels, asthma death rates, air quality, and pollen scores. This report was put out by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). Of course Atlanta made it to the list (where we live now), and Knoxville, Tennessee is the number one worst place for asthma and Memphis is number five, and those aren’t too far from where we used to live. So now I feel a little guilty that maybe I’m perpetuating Justin’s condition by living in the wrong spots… Maybe next we’ll move to Alaska. Here’s the list:

10. Greensboro, North Carolina (from No. 8 in 2007)
9. St. Louis, Missouri (from No. 28 in 2007)
8. Greenville, South Carolina (from No. 34 in 2007)
7. Charlotte, North Carolina (from No. 14 in 2007)
6. Allentown, Pennsylvania (from No. 16 in 2007)
5. Memphis, Tennessee (from No. 30 in 2007)
4. Atlanta, Georgia (from No. 1 in 2007 – an improvement!)
3. Milwaukee, Wisconsin (from No. 7 in 2007)
2. Tulsa, Oklahoma (from No. 25 in 2007)
1. Knoxville, Tennessee (from No. 4 in 2007)

Other cities from the Top Ten last year include
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Raleigh, North Carolina, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Grand Rapids, Minnesota, Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Little Rock, Arkansas.

The saddest part of this study is that a leading cause of death in asthma patients is the lack of health care in poverty stricken areas. Pollution is a huge factor, but with proper health care, asthma can be controlled.


Top U.S. Beach Resorts for Families

I thought I’d continue the top beach conversation (Dana, thanks for the new list!). This time, I’ve got a list of the top beach resorts for families. The original list from includes beaches in Jamaica and the Bahamas, but I’ve excluded those for the sake of continuity of the conversation.

Enjoy beach season!
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