Summer Fun with your Pup

After I posted about skiing with your dog, I realized that I should’ve written something perhaps a bit more practical. So here’s another quick list of amusement parks, parks, malls, and other attractions in California that are pet-friendly—either they have kennel facilities or let you roam around with your dog. (I’m not much of a kennel guy myself…) This is more summer appropriate, right?

Happy Summer!


Summer Trip is announced!

Two or three times a year, my parents take me and the kids on a fantastic vacation, all expenses paid. I have a brother and sister-in-law and a niece who either get their own vacation with mom and dad or join us. This year it’ll be the whole family. Obviously we all get input into the destination, but m&d get the final say. And this year, we’ll all be going to…SAN FRANCISCO!

I am really excited. I have never been to San Fran and have always wanted to. Sometimes the trips are small, like 2-3 nights in the mountains nearby, but it seems like this is going to be a biggie. We’ll be going for 8 days and they already have quite an itinerary.

Here are the definites, and of course, if anyone has any MUST DO’S, please let me know so I can pass on the advice to my parents:

  1. Basic Brown Bear Factory – This will obviously be a winner with the kids, but I’ve always loved factory tours, so I’m looking forward to this as well. And my mother actually collects teddy bears, so that’s probably the real reason why we’re going.
  2. Wax Museum at Fisherman’s Wharf – None of us (except my sister-in-law) have ever been to a wax museum. I, of course, am most looking forward to Elvis Presley. Alexandra says she can’t wait to see Leonardo DiCaprio – how does she even know who that is?
  3. Alcatraz Island – This one is really my dad’s top choice, so he says “it ain’t gettin’ moved off any list.” So here ya go, dad.

It’s a small list so far, but they only just decided on a location this morning and we don’t leave till mid-July. So we’ve got plenty of time. I only wanted to share because I was so excited about the announcement and I have friends who keep asking where we’re going this summer!

Anyways, as always, please feel free to offer advice! Like what are the best beaches? Is it worth it to go to the zoo up there (Oakland Zoo or the San Francisco Zoological Gardens) if we have such a good zoo (Zoo Atlanta) right near our new home?

Thanks for your help!

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Summer is here and so is Reggae

Ziggy Marley was just in LA visiting different public schools while supporting National Music in our Schools Month. Little Kids Rock organizes this program that brings acclaimed musical artists into the lives of children who’s only other exposure to music is the crap they hear on the radio. Ziggy Marley stuck around the LA area (or maybe he left and came back) for his Earth Day performance on the Santa Monica Pier, which rocked. The English Beat were just up in Nevada City (you’ve probably never heard of them, but they’re awesome), and Luciano was at Crash Mansion here in LA…

Catch my drift? I tend to go a little overboard and plan my summer around whatever festivals are going on, so here’s what I’ve got so far for the Reggae grooves taking root in California this summer… but as we all know, there will be more, oh, there will be more…

Bob Marley was right when he said that his music would live on forever.

P.S. Here’s a picture of Ziggy – jamming with some kids, though I must say, the kids look nonplussed…
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